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a. Are your costumes only available for rent?

All costumes are only available for rent. Some accessories are available for rent and purchase.

b. How do I know if the products are for purchase or for sale?

By identifying the BUY or RENT button on the side of the products.

c. How many days can I rent a costume?

Mascots are available for rent 1 or 4 days. Whereas all costumes are available for rent 4 or 8 days.

d. How do I know if I can fit in the costumes?

Measurements of the costumes will be stated clearly on the side of each product. In case if you are still unsure, we strongly recommend you to measure  yourself just so you have a rough idea on how you will fit in the costume. You could also rely on the reviews by our  customers or talk to one of our friendly team members, we are only one chat away!

e. How much deposit do I need to pay?

For each costume we take a deposit of:

  • RM50 for accessories unless stated
  • RM100 – RM200 for most costumes unless stated
  • RM250 – RM300 for mascots unless stated

f. Do I really need to pay deposit?

Yes you do, but don’t worry  we will refund you in full amount as long as the costumes are in good condition.

g. What are the payment options if I am paying online?

You can do it via PayPal or Online Banking.

h. How can I collect my costumes?

Either by in-store collection or we can post it for you. Refer to delivery information

i. I’m from other states, can you post it to me?

Of course we can. We will process your orders once full payment has been made. Refer to delivery information

j. When do I need to return the costumes/accessories?

You are required to return back the rented costumes before or on a specified return date. Failure to do so will result in a RM20.00 per day  surcharge.

k. How can I return back the costumes?

You can drop it off in-store or post it back to us.

 Address: 2-2-27 One Square, Tingkat Mahsuri, Bayan Lepas 11900, Penang, Malaysia.

l. What if I lost/damaged part of the rented costume? Do I need to pay?

We love all our costumes and will be sad  if they are broken or lost. Therefore, yes, you will be required to pay accordingly depending on the severity of damage. Your deposit will be deducted to cover the expense.

m. When do I get my deposit back?

Deposit will be refunded to you once we have received the rented costume on time and in good  condition.

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